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Bloodborne hack lets you play as the enemies, might work on Sekiro  Polygon

Hacker finds way to play Bloodborne as the enemies. The same trick might also work on other From Software games, including Dark Souls and Sekiro.

Executive tells parents how to have a work-life balance  TODAY

Wunderman Chicago president and single dad Ian Sohn wrote on LinkedIn that parents and employees should not apologize for having a work-life balance.

FUMC of Jackson got to do work 'acting like the Church' for a group from Middleton  Jackson Sun

What started as a serious situation for the BETA and DECA clubs at Middleton High and Middleton Middle School earlier this month turned into an opportunity for ...

In the Alabama Legislature, James Crow Esq. is hard at work

You might have thought the Alabama abortion ban was about women's health, but it's about race, too.


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