Last minute

New home view: Reincarnation in coastal town

Carrigbrae House on Bray's Church Road has seen its share of incarnations: it was built as a private residence in 1816, before being turned into a bathing lodge ...

Home truths: A working mum holding out on the housing lists

Recently I received correspondence from Eileen, who is a renting tenant in a private apartment and on Dublin City Council's housing lists. Despite a low income ...

Watching the trains roll by from former station house in Co Clare

The train between Ennis and Limerick no longer stops at Ballycar station, but the name of this south Clare village is well-known to rail users all the same.

A splash of modern

It's 'battle of the abodes' time again, with news that the fourth series of the popular 'Home of the Year' will commence from this Tuesday, February 28, at 8:30pm ...


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