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Physics of combustion and explosion essay. Projet Orion — Wikipédia  Fairfield Sun

Au lieu d'une configuration chambre de combustion-tuyère, le concept d'Orion était d'éjecter des charges à fission à l'arrière du véhicule et de les faire exploser ...

New York Times labels William Happer, Princeton physicist, a 'climate denialist,' faces backlash  Washington Times

Princeton professor emeritus William Happer's role in forming a White House climate security committee didn't sit well with a number of media outlets, including ...

Professor Adam Light Illuminates Plasma Physics  The Colgate Maroon-News

Have you ever asked yourself how things decide how to build themselves? How does a plant decide to build itself the way it is or to function the way it does?

APS Physics Career Center  Physics

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has started a new undergraduate astronomy degree program and invites applications from individuals who can ...


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