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'A show about life': Missoula science communicators produce PBS show 'Eons'  The Missoulian

Fun fact: The greatest ape in world history was a species called Gigantopithecus, probably twice the size of modern gorillas, that lived from 9 million years ago to ...

From Perth to Harvard : Past Beazley winners reveal where they are now  Brisbane Times

In our special ATAR coverage, we talk to six Beazley winners across over 20 years to find out where they are now and what they think of the medal. 2018's ...

Is that funny? Microsoft develops AI that can assess comedy  Digital Journal

Did you hear the one about the tech company that developed an AI platform to assess laughter and judge comedy? The punchline is that Microsoft has already ...

A new study proves parachutes are useless  Big Think

A randomized trail shows that parachutes don't reduce death rates for people jumping out of planes.


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