Last minute

A Flash Point for Women in Politics  The New York Times

Women have never been more engaged. Now, at a critical moment, a poll looks at where their priorities lie.

Opponents of “strong mayor” ballot proposal warn against partisan politics in Cleveland Heights

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Supporters of the existing “council-manager” form of government contend that passage of a “strong mayor” proposal on the ...

Editorial: Assassinating civility: The knucklehead factor in Illinois politics  Chicago Tribune

There's no excuse for the mock assassination of President Donald Trump at a fundraising event for an Illinois state senator.

Mailbag: Cottie Petrie Norris is changing politics as usual  Los Angeles Times

Huntington Beach resident Tim Geddes has joined the growing list of fans of our new assemblywoman, Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach), who is like a ...


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