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So you want to start a Podcast  The Standard

If you are a story-teller there is a good opportunity to turn that into a career. Now is a great time to start podcasting with millions turning to podcasts for ...

New European Google local SERPs prompt users to ‘find results on’ other sites  Search Engine Land

New SERPs are appearing in Germany that prompt users to try alternative directories or search engines for the same local query. This is part of Google's ...

How to identify same-content files on Linux  Network World

In a recent post, we looked at how to identify and locate files that are hard links (i.e., that point to the same disk *content* and share inodes). In this post, we'll ...

European Union Votes to Create a Huge Biometrics Database  Blokt

The EU's parliament voted to create a big biometric database known as the Common Identity Repository (CIR).


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