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A Crucial Election For the State of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu won his fifth term as prime minister of Israel. He's not the most beloved in the pantheon of Israeli leaders. As a patriarch, he has no aura. In.

Idaho View: Dangerous embrace of the militia movement  Twin Falls Times-News

A rally held by a militia group on the Capitol steps last week, in which several Idaho elected officials participated, should be cause for alarm throughout the Gem ...

Brugger: Experience and information | Columnists |  Twin Falls Times-News

A friend urged me to view a You Tube of teenagers trying to make a phone call with a rotary phone. They had a hard time, and even used the.

Republican money backed non-partisan court winner | Columnists  Lake Geneva Regional News

MADISON — Lisa Neubauer conceded to Brian Hagedorn after Democrats woke to a shocking result in a Wisconsin Supreme Court race.


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