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Last minute

Coyote Viral Video Earns Chicago Native Internet Fame  WBBM NewsRadio

A viral video has launched a Chicago-area native into the internet spotlight.

Mind-boggling optical illusion video leaves internet baffled over whether animal is a raven or a rabbit  The Sun

THE internet is divided over if the animal that is being stroked in this video is a rabbit or a raven - but do you think? Many seemed to be lost over if it was the nose ...

The people policing the internet's most horrific content  BBC News

In this digital self-publishing era people can record and produce their own *content*, a lot of horrific stuff that clearly breaches websites' taste and decency ...

‘The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet’ Review: Protecting the Providers  The Wall Street Journal

Section 230 protects websites and online *service* providers from liability for what their users post. Has the time come to rethink it?


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