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You can adopt a pet rat from the City of Vancouver  Daily Hive

In case a dog or cat just isn't cutting it, you can now adopt a pet rat from the City of Vancouver. And it only costs $5.

'Almost every room was destroyed' – Cork landlord find two years of rubbish and animal waste inside flat  Irish Post

A CORK landlord has described the horrifying sights – and smells – that greeted him after discovering the tenants he had been letting a flat out to had left months ...

Pet Talk: Why do some cats have ‘double paws’?  Leominster Champion

DEAR PET TALK: Why do some cats have “double paws”? — Christopher, FitchburgDEAR CHRISTOPHER: “Polydactylism” means “many toes,” and it's a ...

What should I feed my dog?

Recently, I got a dog. Or rather, I came into a dog. We did not mean to adopt her — my boyfriend and I were fostering her, which is where you provide temporary ...


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