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The Best Places to Shop in L.A. in 2019  LA Magazine

Our list of the best places to shop and things to buy in L.A. this year includes an eco-friendly nail salon, a hub for L.A.-made fashion, and a shop where you can ...

Neutrogena Recalls Light Therapy Masks, Citing Risk of Eye Injury  The New York Times

Over the last several years, light-emitting therapy masks intended to treat acne have streamed into the marketplace and onto Instagram, filling feeds with pictures ...

Announcing the First Wearable Synthetic 'Second Skin' for Eye Wrinkles

Lily Bioceuticals has announced it has launched the first wearable synthetic 'second skin' for the cosmetic industry. Its first product using the technology is ...

What are the best subscription boxes? TODAY producers put them to the test  TODAY

TODAY producers try some top subscription boxes across four major categories and share their experiences.


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