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MTV Movie & TV Awards 2019  USA TODAY

The MTV Movie & TV Awards were held Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif., but aired Monday. Jada Pinkett Smith, right, accepts the Trailblazer Award from Tiffany ...

How Enemy of the State inspired wide-area motion imagery surveillance technology.  Slate

On a Friday evening in late 1998, moviegoers settled into their seats at a Northern California cinema for the Will Smith blockbuster Enemy of the State. In the ...

Movie Review: 'Toy Story 4' Shows Franchise's Age  National Review

For a film franchise, 24 years is middle-aged, bordering on elderly. Nearly a quarter-century after the first Toy Story, the fourth installment, which hits theaters ...

'Avengers: Endgame' Defeminized Edit Removes Brie Larson, And Fun In General  NPR

A fan edit of smash hit Avengers: Endgame circulating online has cut out anything deemed feminist or homosexual. Such "defeminized edits" are now notorious ...


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