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English master's program focuses on bridging activism and education  Nevada Today

University of Nevada, Reno Associate Professor Lynda Walsh looks forward to MAPE program's fourth year, reflects on program's success.

Te reo brings neighbours together to learn  Wairarapa Times Age

10:30 AM Tuesday Aug 20, 2019. Te reo brings neighbours together to learn. The group of neighbours from around Hurunuiorangi Marae who have started te ...

WILLIAMS: What will they learn at college?  Toronto Sun

For many parents, August is a month of both pride and tears. Pride because their teenager is taking that big educational step and tears because for many it's the ...

Mario Maker II is a whole language.  Slate Magazine

The timer in the video game is nearing single digits, the screen is a riot of bullets and explosions, and there are faces on everything. Cute faces. Smiling faces.


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