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Analysis | The Health 202: Americans know Medicare-for-all means higher taxes. But otherwise, they're confused.  The Washington Post

The issue has been embraced by most 2020 Democrats, except Biden.

‘I’m not American’: How a complicated Trump tax law created huge bills for foreign citizens  The Washington Post

For some U.S. citizens, the Trump administration's 2017 tax cuts provided an economic boost. But for Carrie, a 50-year-old doctor living in Amsterdam, they have ...

Should charter schools get property tax money? Mississippi Supreme Court hears arguments  Jackson Clarion Ledger

Local property taxes are a financial lifeline for charter schools. Now, the state Supreme Court will decide whether that's constitutional.

To Prevent Bankruptcy, Medicare Needs A 30 Percent Tax Hike Or 20 Percent Spending Cuts  The Federalist

The Medicare program's trustees recently released their annual financial report. The report is similar to last year's, and like last year, it again serves as a serious ...


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