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Advertisers do not control our minds  Spiked

Apparently, British women need the protection of obscure advertising regulators. The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP), the sister organisation to the ...

Kim's Take: Your fingerprint unlocks targeted advertising in your car  Komando

Imagine. You're driving home wondering what's in the fridge for dinner. An ad pops up on your dashboard's screen offering instant delivery of your mos…

More Advertisers Dump Tucker Carlson Over Anti-Immigrant Comments  The Daily Beast

IHOP,, and Jaguar Land Rover are just three of the many brands who have dropped Tucker Carlson's Fox News show from their ad buys after he ...

AdTheorent Releases Advanced Predictive Technology For Advertisers 12/19/2018  MediaPost Communications

Advanced machine-learning tech company AdTheorent on Tuesday officially will launch a platform that relies on models to score and create unique advertising ...


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