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Georgia Department Of Education Launches K-8 Computer Science Standards  GPB

Georgia is one of the first states to adopt K-8 Computer Science standards to ensure that all children have an opportunity to learn about computing.

Wanted: a greater voice for Israel's Arab minority  Jewish News

As voting drew to a close in the Israeli elections, 'shared society' groups anxiously reviewed the polling data. At the last elections in 2015, Netanyahu, in a ...

The Problem Isn't Sharing Misinformation Online; It's Believing It  Scientific American

Facebook has announced a commitment to monitoring and reducing the impact of anti-vaccine pages. But is this the solution to stop the spread of unscientific ...

Why is it so difficult to show restraint rather than rushing to blame?  MaltaToday

It is at times like this those in authority need to demonstrate sensitivity and tact rather than come across as being more concerned that their own image is being ...


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