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Is high-quality streamed audio an oxymoron?

Will cost-effective upgrades to computer-based audio playback hardware deliver sufficient results to justify the prices paid for them,...

2000 All Over Again But, Hopefully, Not 2001.  Electronics Weekly

US VC funding is at its highest level since 2000, reports PwC and CB Insights' quarterly MoneyTree Report. US VC funding of $55 billion in H1 was the secon.

2020 Corvette: GM tries again to slot motor behind driver  Automotive News

It's an engineering challenge to drop the engine in the rear of a vehicle. GM has tried three times to sell cars with the motor behind the driver. All are viewed as ...

TensorFlow Lite machine learning on Arduino MKR WIFI 1010  Electronics Weekly

As the Arduino tweet says, it's a quick demo of the training, conversion and deployment of a simple TensorFlow Lite model to an Arduino MKR device.


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