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Ed Spots Yellow Peril  Electronics Weekly

Looking at the appalling quality of our MPs in the recent debates I am set to wondering if this is the result of all the 'Diversity and Inclusion' programm.

We Are All John Glenn | 2019-05-17 | ASSEMBLY  Assembly Magazine

John Glenn, the famous astronaut and politician, wrote about his history-making earth orbit flight, “As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind: ...

Get that Nixie look, with out Nixies  Electronics Weekly

Anyway, the tubes are pretty expensive now, but the author of the TechMoan YouTube blog has come across an alternative that gets the Nixie look, without any ...

The Official Scratch Coding Cards (Scratch 3.0)  Electronics Weekly

The publisher No Starch Press has just released The Official Scratch Coding Cards (Scratch 3.0), a deck of cards to help kids get to grips with the introductory ...


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