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6 Non Disney Animated Films That Should Get Live Action Remakes  Cinema Blend

Though not all audiences are happy about it, Disney has landed a good deal of success re-releasing its beloved animated classics as live-action remakes.

Young Stan Lee returning in animated form  CNET

Lee will be back as a kid in animated project The Amazing Stan.

Animated chart of the day: Price indexes for selected goods and services, January 1998 to June 2019 - AEI  American Enterprise Institute

View related *content*: Carpe Diem. Price Indexes for Selected Goods and Services, January 1998 to June 2019. Indexes = 100 in January 1998. Replay.

White Snake Movie: Bringing Chinese Animation to the West  /FILM

Film contributor Caroline Cao examines the potential for China's animated White Snake movie to be a game-changer, both in its home country and abroad.


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